How much do mailing lists cost?

Mailing lists are priced per complex (regardless of the number of units in a complex).  Order 1-4 lists @ $119/complex; Order 5-10 lists @ $99 each; Order 11+ lists @ $89 each.  Pricing is per order and cannot be combined with previous or future orders.

Are lists exclusive to me (only sold one)?

No, for several reasons.  We have clients from all different industries ordering lists and some clients purchase the lists and then never use them.   Mail addresses are public information that can be obtained by anyone.

Can you provide all of the complex addresses in a particular zip code?

No, we are not setup, nor do we suggest mailing to full zip codes. We create each individual address list when it is ordered. We do not maintain lists of all complexes within any particular area (i.e. city, zip code or county). We create lists by the name of the apartment complex so we can provide the exact number of units.  

Do you have the list for XYZ apartment complex?

We research and compile each list individually, as they are ordered. We do not have lists pre-made.  We suggest you place the order for whatever complex(es) you wish to purchase and if for some reason we are unable to retrieve a complete list for you, we check to see if you’d like to provide an alternate list for us to research or if you’d prefer a refund for the unobtainable list.

How long does it take to get my list after I purchase?

Mailing lists take 3-5 business days to research, compile and then email to you.  

What if you are unable to generate the list I purchased?

Although it is rare that we are unable to compile a list, it does happen for a variety of reasons (gated community, complex too new that their addresses aren’t reporting correctly to the U.S. Post Office, etc.)  If we don’t feel we can create an accurate list for you, we will contact you to discuss options (research on your end, alternate complex provided by you or a refund for the unobtainable list).  

Does the list include postal bar codes?

No, our data does not provide bar codes. You will have to talk to the U.S. Post Office on how to add barcodes to your labels.

What format do you suggest I order my list in (Excel or Word)?

We generally recommend Excel format if you are not sure if you’ll be printing the labels or perhaps sending to a mail house to mail-merge directly onto your mailers. If you want to change to Word document, it takes a simple MAIL MERGE into labels.  

Does the mailing list contain the names of the renter's, email addresses and/or phone numbers?

No, our lists are not “renter specific”. You choose either “Future Home Owner” or “To Our Neighbor” for the first line of the address (for Loan Originators and Real Estate Agents). For other companies/industries, we can help you create a generic titles.  Our lists do not contain: names of the renters, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.


Do you provide the service of printing and/or mailing my postcards?

No, we do not offer the service of printing postcards. If you purchase one of our marketing kits, the kits contain the postcards in Word document format for easy editing or you can send it to a print house to create and print for you. (We use www.VistaPrint.com for our personal postcard marketing. We suggest you do a GOOGLE SEARCH for Vista Print Coupon< prior to ordering as they often have some great deals!)

Do the marketing kits include mailing lists?

No, the mailing lists are a separate purchase from all marketing systems available for sale.

Do the marketing kits include coaching?

No. The postcard templates are black and white (Word documents). We recommend you get them printed on a goldenrod colored cardstock (with black print) to cut down on printing costs with several colors.