Why Market to Apartment Complexes?

…because the addresses never change but the people who live there do…so you’re always marketing to new prospects!


Why buy mailing lists from us?

You own the list

Market to the list as many times as you want.  Other companies make you RENT the list each time you want to do a mailing and some even insist that they send the mailing pieces for you!

You choose the property

You choose the specific complex(es) you want to market to, based on your research.  This ensures you’re spending your marketing dollars wisely, versus marketing to full zip codes, vacant lots, etc.

Up-To-Date Data

Our lists are researched and compiled as they are ordered so they’re always up-to-date.

Research Tips

Research Tips to help you choose the right apartment complexes that will be the most beneficial to you and your business.

Marketing Kits

Inexpensive marketing kits available here help you jump-start your campaign. [These kits are industry specific to Loan Originators and Real Estate Agents.]

Why market to apartment complexes?

The addresses never change, but the people who live there do…so you are constantly marketing to new prospects!



  • I purchased your Apartment Tool Kit last year as well as 5 apartment mailing lists. Just today I ordered another mailing list. I’ve listened to your First Time Homebuyer Seminar twice and have downloaded all that I could from your site. I like very much what I have heard you say. I just wanted you to know that I am using my toll free number and enjoying success with the mailing lists…
    Chrystal StachuraGeorgia