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The Apartment Complex Marketing Kit (created by Karen Deis) was created to generate leads from 1st-time home buyers for various reasons including buying residential real estate; connecting with insurance agents and financial planners; storage and moving companies and other cross-marketing opportunities.

The marketing system has been tested for over 15 years, refined, updated, and is currently used by clients throughout the United States.

Other mailing list companies cannot target individual apartment complexes. (We challenge you to give them a call and ask them how many apartment complex addresses they have in a certain zip code. They CANNOT give you that info.)

Our focus is on generating lists for mortgage loan originators, Realtors®, real estate agents, builders and other companies—who want to reach apartment complex dwellers—that can provide you with apartment lists that YOU own forever.

Some companies only rent lists. Some say they will mail for you—but again, how can you track to make sure the numbers are correct? We advise you to call them and ask them to verify HOW they make sure the apartment mailing lists are accurate if you have no access to them.