Apartment Toolkit makes it easy for loan originators to market to apartment complexes by providing:
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COMPLETE Apartment Complex Marketing Kit - Loan Officer

This is the complete system that shows you exactly what to do—especially if you have never done this type of marketing before. Not only generate your own leads (and that means never having to buy another lead again), but learn how to get them in the door to meet with you eyeball to eyeball and refer them to the real estate agents you WANT to do business with.

Here's what you will get for only $201

  • Binder with step-by-step instructions to market to apartment complexes
  • CD with sample post cards and Renter's Free Report
  • Audio CD with detailed instructions on how to implement the system
  • Effective scripts, including pre-recorded message and follow-up
  • Copies of all documents and scripts
  • Sample Ad for 1st Time Homebuyer seminar
  • Free coaching
  • Bonus Chapter — How to Hold Effective Seminars (Sample Ads & Audio CD)

Apartment Complex Lists Not IncludedClick here to order a list of addresses.

Order the complete Kit for only $201 (includes shipping & handling)


Basic Kit - Apartment Post Cards and Renter's Free Report
  • It has been tested and proven that you will get the biggest response from renters after they have received the 3rd mailing piece. That's why we have created a series of 3 post cards for you to mail. [FULL DESCRIPTION]
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Top Ten Tips

#7. You’ve Gotta Have a Database – Even if you use 3 x 4 cards, it’s better than nothing! As your leads come pouring in the door, you need a way not only to keep in touch, but track your conversion from prospects straight through to the sale. With a database, you will be able to track how long it takes from first contact until they purchase something. Where are your leads coming from…real estate ads, newspaper, postcards, seminars?

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